FAQ Hire Dedicated Developers As Per Your Need from India

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Process to hire virtual employee

Send email to :- info@desiredsoft.net About your requirement
Skype :- desiredsoft ( Dilip Gupta)

1. Screening & Selection :-Developer / Designer skills & your needs are matched.You choose the desired employee by interview.
2. Agreement :- Based on the chosen developer and technology, finalise the agreement with sales team.
3. Connect With Employee:-Upon your confirmation, we will setup everything, and connect you to hired employee.

Hiring model

1. FULL-TIME-HIRING : -8/hours per day, 5 days/week
2. PART-TIME-HIRING : -4/hours per day, 5 days/week
3. HOURLY HIRING:- minimum 10 hour in a week ,5 days/week

Benefits to hire virtual staff

• Increase Revenues – Dedicated virtual employees enhances productivity and helps you increase revenues.
• Beat The Competition – Stay ahead in competition by hiring skilled resources with core competencies.
• No Frills Process – Hire virtual employees without legal hassles, Visa worries, or offshore office setup worries

1. Get Skilled Employee
2. Avoid Unnecessary Expenditure
3. Stop Wasting Resources
4. Save Infrastructural & Operational Cost
5. Easy Accessibility
6. complete privacy, Strict NDA is signed.
7. Direct Report to you
8. 160 man hours guaranteed
9. Complete participation and your control on the team
10. Developer will Connected with you all the time via Skype , email , Calls, team viewer or other platform what ever you want